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Railing M 

  • 328,00 €

    100cm high modular railing that can be combined with different types of panels to install in one side of the frame. This railing is designed for installation with panels made of different materials. Vertical poles are placed at a maximum distance of 1m, and the panels slide into the grooves running along the poles. Panels are not included in this kit....

    328,00 €
    • 299,00 €

      The Railing 4 strips is a 100cm high modular railing with four strips to install in one side of the frame. The space between the strips are smaller thanks to the four horizontal strips, what makes this railing safer. This kind of railing is only for domestic use, and it is not designed for not to be climbed. Its use is only for adult people. Especially...

      299,00 €
      • 228,00 €

        Riling M is a 100cm high modular railing to install on one side of the frame.Very safe and easy to install.  FeaturesThe KIT features steel poles, handrail, tube stoppers and screws. Total length: 4,5m  No of poles: 5 Distance between poles: 1m Height: 100cm NOTE: When this railing is installed in a S structureS, you need to purchase as many S...

        228,00 €
        • 182,00 €

          Metal S railing with handrail. Easy to install on any Tecrostar mezzanine or platform without construction work and totally safe. Includes posts and handrail.

          182,00 €
          • 32,00 €

            100cm height pole. It features screws to fix to the structure.

            32,00 €
            • 5,00 €

              Lower support for handrail poles fixation Medium or Large in a Small structure. Screws needed included.  

              5,00 €
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