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Stairs S 

  • 971,00 €

    The spiral Stairs for mezzanines of the S range, are strong and firm stairs made of steel that can be adjustable in height. They are stable and safe. The railing that is placed in the superior landing is connected with the mezzanine one. This Kit includes lateral railing and steel steps.

    971,00 €
    • 806,00 €

      Alternating tread stairs S have alternating tread steps, with adjustable height, to provide access between the two floors (the same max height as T8 mezzanine). They can be installed on any of the four sides, in parallel to the structure with  a S landing or perpendicular to the mezzanine, as well as inside the mezzanine floor. These stairs can be turned...

      806,00 €
      • 685,00 €

        It’s useful to hide the ladder in the structure and open it out when necessary. We recommend it when there isn’t enough space to install a hinged stair. Model S 33000Height: from 180cm to 258cmModel M 33010 Height: from 25cm to 306cm Anodized aluminium telescoping ladder. You can put the retractable ladder away in its chest, and when it opens out it...

        685,00 €
      • 636,00 €

        The Straight stairs S are  height-adjustable stairs suitable for access to the frame structure. They can also be used in other places, thanks to the very versatile anchorage system. If the stairs are set up on the inside of the mezzanine structure they will not extend laterally beyond the structure's frame. They can also be installed on any of the four...

        636,00 €
        • 454,00 €

          The Boat ladder- S is made of high quality pine plywood with a natural finishing. It has an inclination of 70º and it includes a handrail which ease the ascent and descent. It can be installed at any small structure. It can also be adapted easily at any height, cutting its stringers at the marks disposed in the same ones. It can be located in any of the...

          454,00 €
          • 383,00 €

            These height-adjustable stairs are suitable for access to the T8 mezzanine. They can also be used in other placesm¡, thanks to the very versatile anchorage system.   These stairs can be placed on either side of the mezzanine,  either parallel or perpendicular  to the structure (facing the beams).  They can also be installed inside the mezzanine as long as...

            383,00 €
            • 337,00 €

              This retractable wooden ladder (with drawer), folds into three sections. Heiht adjustable up to 294cm Drawer with bottom cover is included.  The ladder can be folded into three sections and stored it in the drawer hidden in the floor.  FeaturesWooden ladder folded in three sections. The bottom part can be cut to adjust the height. Height: from 160cm...

              337,00 €
            • 325,00 €

              The stair landing S is  useful for stairs leading up to the mezzanine, for example if you position the stairs parallel to the structure as you can see in the image below. Features It consists of a special pillar (with a beam support), one beam and two secondary beams (to attach the beam  to the existing structure). One of the two sides is attached to the...

              325,00 €
              • 158,00 €

                The wooden ladder S is made of high quality beech wood varnished with linseed oil giving a natural look while protecting the wood's surface. The incline of the ladder is 80º. It is compatible with S range. The ladder is adjustable in height. When the height of the structure is equal to or less than 233cm, the ladder can be easily adapted cutting their...

                158,00 €
                • 32,00 €

                  Hollow to install the stairs inside the S structures. Features It consists of one beam, two torn connectors and screws to be able to adjust the stair to install on the inside of the mezzanine.

                  32,00 €
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